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Gatekeeper Announces New Contract for its Viperfish® High Resolution Recorders for Law Enforcement Applications

Abbotsford, BC September 3rd, 2014 - Gatekeeper Systems Inc. (“Gatekeeper” or the “Company”) (TSX.V: GSI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new contract (the “Contract”) with one of the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of thermal imaging systems for its Viperfish® high resolution video recorders.

Under the Contract, Gatekeeper’s law enforcement and military application division (through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Deep Development Corp) will provide its Viperfish® solid-state, high resolution video recorders to integrate and record video from night vision sensors in airborne and maritime security applications. 

Our customer, whose name has not been made public at press time, is a global leader in infrared cameras, night vision and thermal imaging systems (the “Customer”).  The Customer has been supplying thermal imaging and night vision equipment, particularly to law enforcement and military, for over 30 years.  Their products play a critical role in government activities in more than 60 countries.  Gatekeeper’s Viperfish® solid-state, high resolution video and sensor recorders provide an almost bullet proof platform for recording sensitive information in extreme environments.

Doug Dyment, President and CEO of Gatekeeper stated, “We are very excited that this Customer has selected our Viperfish® recorders.  Gatekeeper has a significant amount of industry experience with high-end security and homeland defense applications.  Our products are being used by the United States Air Force (“USAF”) for use on the AC130 Gunships to record operations in some of the toughest environments.  The selection of Viperfish® recorders for use on the Customer’s product line is the right fit for both Gatekeeper and our Customer, as we continue to expand our product lines into law enforcement and military applications.”

The Viperfish® digital recorders and post mission analysis software, along with the XFORCE HD body-worn cameras, provides law enforcement and military personnel with the tools to record high definition video and integrated metadata, resulting in an accurate account of actual events during interdiction.  With approximately 30 million law enforcement and security officers world-wide, management believes this niche market will add to the Company’s growth plans over the next several years.

About Gatekeeper Systems Inc.

Founded in 1997, Gatekeeper Systems is a leading provider of high-resolution video security and safety systems for mobile applications.  Our industry-leading Incident Management Software synchronizes real-time video, mapping, audio and vehicle sensors to create a total picture of operations. With these technologies, clients can detect, analyze and respond to safety and security threats anytime.

The Company is headquartered in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, and its shares are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “GSI”.

The Company is organized into two divisions:

Deep Development Corp. focuses on law enforcement, military and oil and gas markets - from helping to protect overseas troops flying AC130 Gunships and operating Navy or Coast Guard vessels in extreme environments, to securing potential threats in oil and gas environments. Deep Development's post-mission analysis software is used to detect, analyze and respond to security threats.

Gatekeeper® mobile video division gives school bus managers tools to see 360 degrees in and around school buses and ensure the safety of the children they transport. These tools include multiple high-resolution color cameras that enhance safety inside the bus, and the Student Protector™ infrared license plate reading system. The Student Protector records the license plates of potentially deadly stop arm violators and issues tickets or citations for revenue sharing with the school district, county and Company. Gatekeeper's transit bus surveillance system records up to 16 cameras in high resolution, allowing transit managers to view video live from buses or record evidence from all cameras.

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Douglas Dyment

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 1 (888) 666-4833

2014-09-03 -NR - Gatekeeper Announces New Contract for its Viperfish® High Resolution Recorders for Law Enforcement Applications