Investor Presentation

Gatekeeper Systems Investor Presentation Dec 2017

Corporate Fact Sheet

2017 Corporate Fact Sheet 

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Why Gatekeeper?

1. Total Safety, Security and Management Solutions for Mobile Markets

Gatekeeper's integrated high resolution video, voice and mapping for EXTREME mobile applications provide its customers with an effective tool to increase passenger safety, protect drivers and manage fleet operations.

Gatekeeper recognized the need for purpose built high performance systems to meet military standards for operation in mobile applications including school and transit buses, law enforcement, oil and gas and military.Unlike standard fixed site applications Gatekeeper products are designed for extreme applications which are subjected to temperature and power fluctuation. Products include high resolution cameras,high speed license plate reading systems, mobile digital storage devices and remote incident software for quickly Finding, Saving and Sharing incidents allowing security personnel to detect, analyze and respond to any safety or security threat.

2. Market Expansion

Domestic violence, threat of terrorism, crime, sexual and mental abuse are examples of real issues that are driving rapid growth in the global security market. Gatekeeper believes past camera technology will not only be replaced with superior imaging that is application specific but also integrated with other forms of data that give end users a total operating picture allowing for immediate on-the-fly response Immerging technologies such as high bandwidth wireless networks allow for more efficient transfer of video and integrated GPS data-paks for real time tracking.

ABI Research estimates worldwide video surveillance equipment to grow to $29 billion by 2015 up from $16 billion in 2011. Frost and Sullivan Research estimate the global mobile video market place to grow to $1.6 billion by 2015 up from $600 million in 2008.

As the security market expands, the Gatekeeper brand is well entrenched in the North American mobile video market as well as military applications such as the AC-130 Gunships and Sea King Helicopters.

3. Poised for Growth

Revenue generated in 2013 was $5.2 million. Gatekeeper customers range from school districts, transit authorities, law enforcement and military. The completion of the capital raise through Indigo Sky will allow the company to begin execution on its global sales expansion plan. With the launch of its scalable mobile video product line combined with its incident management software and live transmission capability, Gatekeeper is well positioned to leverage growth in burgeoning safety and security market.