Key Features & Benefit

    • 1080p HD video + 8 hours of record time.
    • Night Vision - reliable imaging in complete darkness.
    • Increase front line staff safety.
    • Quickly record incidents as they happen.
    • Record evidence at the scene.
    • Reduce aggression, abuse and anti-social behavior.
    • Reduce department liability and career ending accusations.
    • Increase accuracy and accountability.
    • Optional leather camera case with durable duty belt clip
    • Optional micro lapel camera 


      • Law Enforcement



PR-104 Overview

The PR-104 (Personal Recorder, model 104) is a personal DVR designed specifically for police use.  Built rugged, the PR-104 will record high definition video (1080p or 720p) in stunning clarity, both day and night.  The device has integrated Infrared LED’s that allows the PR-104 to record in total darkness.

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Rugged Waterproof Design

The PR-104 is rated IP67. IP67 means the device is completely dust tight and can be submerged in 3 feet of water with no harmful effects.  In addition, it survives drops from 9.8’ (3 m).

A fully charged battery will allow for 24 hours of standby time.  Video is activated by the officer with the single push of a button.  Record time is 8 Hours.  


The PR-104 produces a 16:9 image and has a 71° video capture angle.  This angle is achieved without any noticeable distortion in the image.  The lapel camera has an even wider field of view at 100° capture angle allows for catching the entire scene even when the officer is operating in close proximity to target.

On the rear is a 2” (measured diagonally) LCD display.  This allows the officer to review video immediately.  In normal operation the LCD screen is OFF to extend battery life.  The PR104 can be configured to display the devices unique serial number, officer ID, day, hour, minute and second.  This ensures there is an accurate record of which device captured the video and at what time.

The PR-104 utilizes MP4 (H.264 – MEPG10 PART 4) video compression.  This is the same compression technology that is used in Blu-Ray Disks.  This compression scheme allows for comparatively small video files while still maintaining excellent video quality, even when recording high definition video.  When the video is extracted from the PR104, it can be played back on any Windows computer from Windows VISTA to Windows 10 by using the Windows Media Player that ships with the operating system.  There is no need to distribute a special video viewer or video codec’s to users PC’s, thus reducing the work load on the departments IT staff. 

The PR-104 has an integrated 2” color LCD display.  The officer in the field can review video on the LCD.

The PR-104 can also be integrated with a two way radios.  Officers that carry a 2 way radio may have a lapel worn microphone.   In order to reduce equipment clutter on the officer, the PR104 can be interfaced to the two way radio.  The push to talk and microphone functionality in the PR-104 can replace the 2 way radio’s microphone. 




Feel Secure About the Gear You Are Wearing

Your job as a law enforcement professional deserves the best tech possible, and Gatekeeper Systems has the solution to your wearable camera accessories wants and needs.  Our premium engineered duty belt clip and micro lapel camera are designed by working with professionals just like you.

The PR-104 Body Worn Camera Case with Durable Duty Belt Clip is 2-1/2" wide x 3-3/4" tall and has a snap closure split top flap to allow easy access to function buttons and micro lapel camera connector.  It fits up to a 2 1/4" duty belt and has a sewn in durable spring steel clip to hold the body worn camera securely on the belt or anywhere on the uniform. The top grain leather case is made exclusively for Gatekeeper Systems by Boston Leather. 

The PR-104 Body Worn Camera Micro Lapel Camera is perfect for unobtrusive wearing on the uniform.  It is light weight and comes with a durable spring loaded rotating clip to place anywhere on the uniform.   The connector cable is thin enough to be worn under the shirt to reduce snagging.

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Easy to Use Alternative To Cloud Storage

DOKN-GO™ the alternative to cloud storage with an easy to use evidence management solution for agencies with limited IT support.

DOKN-GO™ is a scalable docking base system for up to 36 body cameras.  Video is auto-erased from each body camera after the original video is downloaded to a DOKN-GO™ control station.  Video can be stored locally on the the control station or network.

Central Server Software – X-Vault 

X-Vault is the software that collects the video from a DOKN-GO™ and stores the video in a central location.  X-Vault is an enterprise grade application with user roles that include administrator and regular user.

X-Vault can be hosted by the Police department or it is offered as a hosted service.  When provided as a hosted service, the server(s) are housed in a carrier grade hosting center.  Data and physical security, battery and generator backup are provided as well as redundant connections to the Internet.   

Communications between the server and a X-Vault are encrypted.