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508HD4 Overview

The G4-508HD4 is a 12 channel (8 analog, 4 IP) 240 frames per second video/audio recorder.  Each analog channel will record 30 FPS simultaneously with independently selectable resolutions and 9 quality levels.  The G4-508HD4 supports hard drive sizes up to 2TB and SSD up to 480GB.  The DVR also supports an SD card up to 128GB.

The G4-508HD4 supports the 960H video standard.  When combined with Gatekeeper’s S370 analog camera, the video resolution increases from the standard D1 (720x480) to the 960H standard (960x480).  Gatekeeper’s S370 analog camera supports the 960H standard.

Superb Reliability

The G4-508HD4 incorporates many features that dramatically increase the reliability of the DVR, and the availability of recorded video. A custom file system is used to record data to the Hard Drive. This file system has been designed so that video can be recovered under most scenarios.

The G4-508HD4 has a high capacity power supply. The power supply stores energy so that if the DVR loses power (when the engine is started or other high current draw electrical devices are turned on, such as air conditioners or hydraulic lifts), there is enough energy in the power supply to continue to power the internal circuits of the DVR for a short period of time.  For example, when power to the DVR is lost the DVR closes the video files correctly and then power down into a safe low power state.  This makes the DVR virtually immune to the notorious unreliable power found in vehicles.

In the event that the power to the DVR is lost, there is sufficient energy stored in the power supply to allow the DVR to close the video files correctly, and then power down into a safe low power state.

The G4-508HD4 has a keyed electrical interlock that prevents users from inadvertently removing the Comrad (hard drive carrier) before powering down the DVR.

The key must first be turned to the unlock position before the Comrad can be removed. When the key is in the unlocked position, the DVR stops recording, and it is safe to remove the Comrad. After the Comrad is reinserted, and the key is moved to the locked position, the DVR is once again ready to record.

Built Rugged

The Comrad incorporates a shock and vibration system to protect the hard drive. It has passed MIL SPEC 810F (Trucks on Streets) for shock and vibration. In addition, Gatekeeper has developed and subjected the Gatekeeper DVRs to custom shock and vibration profiles. These profiles were obtained by placing sensors on vehicles, and recording the shock and vibration that actual DVRs were subjected to in real world conditions.

For the ultimate in hard drive reliability, the Comrad can be equipped with up to a 480GB Solid State Hard Drive.

The Comrad contains an advanced thermal management system that heats up the hard drive to its prescribed operating temperature, before writing or reading data in cold weather.

Download of Video to a USB Drive

The G4-508HD4 allows the user to download video, and/or video of marked events, to a USB memory stick that can be inserted in the front of the DVR.

WiFi and Auto Wake Ready

The G4-508HD4 is WiFi Ready. Gatekeeper’s WiFi system will provide radio coverage in a typical vehicle yard.

Utilizing WiFi 802.11n at 5GHz, Gatekeeper offers both a rugged industrial rated access point, and a WiFi radio for the vehicle. Through the use of Auto Wake, a user can turn on the DVR and WiFi radio in the vehicle, so that video can be accessed.

Dual Streaming and Cellular Ready

The G4-508HD4 is dual streaming. This means a high quality full resolution image can be stored on the Comrad, while a lower resolution image can be streamed over the optional cellular connection.

Full Complement of Peripherals Available

The following optional peripherals are available:

• Driver Alert Button with Status LEDs
• Rear Cable Cover
• Interactive Control Display
• Internal G Sensor
• 4 Port Hub

Crystal Clear Images In Any Lighting Condition