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TI252IP Camera Overview

High Definition.

Versatile Design.

Stunning 2MP Imaging.

The TI252 IP is a 1080p High Definition, intelligent, wide dynamic range IP camera that is compact in size and light weight.  The camera produces stunningly clear images in the most demanding conditions. Wide Dynamic Range technology provides class leading imaging performance. The image capture and processing system provides high-quality pictures with enhanced dynamic range that significantly improves image quality in scenes consisting of both bright and dark areas. 

Built rugged, the camera is designed to operate over the extreme temperatures and vibration found in vehicles.  The TI252 IP metal housing makes the camera vandal resistant and when installed virtually immune to tampering.

Camera configuration is easy when used with Gatekeeper’s Hybrid Line of IP mobile DVR’s “fast setup” configuration feature.  No more struggling with IP addresses, subnets and default gateways to get the cameras to work.  This means that one does not have to have network training in order to install and maintain the system.

The TI252 IP camera is plug and play compatible with Gatekeeper’s G4-Series IP DVRs with power over ethernet (POE) and uses industry a standard RJ45 connection (no proprietary cabling) which allows the use of Cat 5 cabling between the camera and DVR.  Cable length of 15’, 30’ 45’ and 60’ with strain resistant over molded connectors are available.

Integrated IR

The integrated IR for illumination at night.  A sensor in the camera detects the ambient light and automatically turns on/off the IR LED’s as needed.  

Tamper Proof Adjustments

Not only is the camera constructed of metal but there are set screws that when tightened, prevents the camera aim from being tampered with.  This is important for installation where the camera can be accessed.

All Metal Housing

An all metal housing creates a vandal proof package that is resistant to physical damage.

Sealed Design

The TI252 IP is IP65 rated - dust and water spray resistant.

Vibration Damping

In order to help reduce camera vibration, a rubber mounting ring is supplied.  The rubber ring is installed between the camera base and the mounting surface.  The rubber ring conforms to the camera base for easy alignment and quick installation.