RV420 Overview

Rugged. Designed For Extreme Environments.

 BusShotCam-RearCam-300dpi 2.5 in wide

Conventional Rear Vision Cameras can be damaged by vehicle washing brushes. Gatekeeper’s Rear Vision Camera was designed with 10 Gage T6 aluminum, making it lightweight and virtually indestructible in any rear vision application.

Complete System

The Gatekeeper Rear Vision System comes complete with a color exterior camera, LCD viewing monitor and cabling to allow for an easy installation.

Clear Imaging - Even in Complete Darkness

The camera is IP 67 rated and produces a reversed image for correct viewing orientation. The camera has a wide angle lens (150° viewing angle)

and comes with 18 IR LED’s to provide illumination in complete darkness. An optional billeted shroud is available for the camera. The shroud provides additional protection for the camera when the vehicle is subject to automated wash racks with spinning brushes.

Displays Specific Cameras

A LCD flat screen monitor is available in either 7” or 9” sizes. The monitor has a built in quad switcher and external trigger lines that when activated (+12V nominal) will cause the monitor to display a specific camera image. For example, the rear camera can be displayed when the vehicle is in reverse or the camera over a specific door displayed when the door is opened. When a camera trigger signal is removed the display will revert back to the users previously selected camera view.

Multi-Camera Function

Using one of the four video inputs for the reverse facing cameras, up to three additional cameras can be connected to the monitor. For example, 3 additional interior cameras can be displayed. The operator controlled monitor can display a single camera full screen, up to 4 four cameras in a quad view format, or cycle through the 4 cameras sequentially. Optionally available are Y cables. The Y cable allows video to be simultaneously viewed on the monitor and recorded by a DVR located in the vehicle. It is also possible to configure the monitor to view previously recorded video from the DVR.