SP210 Overview

Shining The Light on Stop Arm Violators.

Tens of thousands of stop arm violations are reported across the country every day. It’s only a matter of time before the next fatality occurs – it could be in your school district!

Precision Engineered – Crystal Clear Imaging

The Student Protector™ is a high performance license plate reader that eliminates motion blur caused by vehicles traveling at high speed, thus allowing it to reliably deliver clear readable images in extreme environments. The Student Protector™ includes a unique mechanical design, combined with precision engineered sensor technology, allowing it to optimize license plate recognition day or night. 

Utilizing Gatekeeper’s Direct Light Technology™, and advanced processing, the SP-210 and SP-322 reliably capture readable license plate images when offending vehicles pass the stop arm at speeds up to 56 mph (90 kph).

Conventional cameras capture motion blurred image. Taken at 20MPH


STUDENT PROTECTOR™ captures crystal clear license plate image at 45MPH utilizing Gatekeeper Systems’ Direct Light Technology™.

A System Approach – That Delivers!

The SP-210 and SP-322 are mounted on the exterior of the school bus, approximately 6 feet behind the stop arm. The camera is then aimed at oncoming vehicles. It is recommended that video from the camera be recorded to Gatekeeper’s G-Series DVR‘s. 

Typically, the DVR is configured to start recording when the bus warning lights are activated. Recording continues while the stop arm is deployed. 15 seconds after the stop arm is retracted the recording is stopped. This creates a single video file for each stop arm event, thus making it very easy to review. There is no need to review hours of video to retrieve a stop arm event.

Get the Complete Picture - SP-322

The SP-322 is a multi-sensor camera system which integrates up to two high speed license plate reader cameras and two overview cameras. This high performance License Plate Reading System provides ultimate reliability in all weather conditions

Unique and easy to navigate

Gatekeeper Systems’ G4™ Incident Management Software provides on screen display (OSD) that includes meta data notifications such as warning lights active, stop arm deployed, GPS coordinates and bus speed. These notifications are embedded into the video stream providing an EVIDENCEPAK™ needed to positively identify the location of the bus, and evidence the bus was stopped.

G4™ Incident Software allows users to quickly and easily create a short clip or still image (JPEG ) providing them with an EVIDENCEPAK™ needed to issue tickets to stop arm violators.