Wireless MWM-C Overview

Certified. Proactive. Rugged Design.


The Mobile Wireless Module - Cellular (MWM-C™) provides wireless cellular connectivity to provide access to Gatekeeper Systems Cell View™ System.  Cell View™ allows end users to view live video from a vehicle that is out on route.  Additionally, Cell View™ provides the GPS location as well as the status of various connected sensors (right turn, left turn, brake etc).

The MWM™-C automatically resolves common problems associated with wireless cellular connectivity.   Built in software and hardware watchdogs continuously by monitoring each component in the MWM™ and the product’s connectivity. In the event an issue is detected, the product proactively takes steps to re-establish connectivity.

Gatekeeper’s MWM-C™ has obtained the following certifications: FCC and PTCRB.  The MWM™ is certified by the following carriers to operate on their cellular network:

•  Verizon
•  Sprint
•  AT&T
•  T-Mobile
•  Telus, Bell & Rogers

While certification may seem mundane, many wireless devices do not carry the necessary certifications.  These devices run the risk of being “kicked off” a cellular network and the users subject to fines.  Gatekeeper will be pleased to provide copies of the certifications up on request.

The MWM-C™ comes complete with a 3dbi through hole antenna (with a 15’ antenna cable) and the necessary cables (power and Cat 5) to connect to a Gatekeeper G4™ DVR.

The MWM™ cellular radio will provide up to 3G cellular technology connectivity.